Sell or Rent your Property with Solobanus

Dear Owner;

If you own a property and are considering selling or renting with solobanus, we understand the importance and value your property has to you and of course your desire to get the best possible price for your property in Marbella.

At Solobanus we offer you over two decades of real estate experience in the Marbella Real Estate Market and can confidently advise you, assist you and find the perfect buyer for your property. We are also part of the Agents Network of Multiple Property Listings; therefore by listing your property with us you will be targeting a wider spectrum of potential clients and can also avoid the hassle of visiting numerous agencies to list your property.

If you are thinking of selling or renting your property please feel free to contact us today, we will be delighted to assist you and start promoting your property-  “We are here to help you!”