Luxury Lifestyle Marbella. My favourire healthy food places in and around Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, Puerto Banus, San Pedro de Alcantara andThe Golden Mile.

 Marbella is not only known for it´s luxury lifestyle and million-dollar houses, it has become a place of health and wellness were people look after themselves, both inside and out. Many residents have opted for healthy choices over the course of years such as becoming plant-based, vegetarian or just adopting a healthier and clean diet, not to say regular excersising. For this reason, Marbella is filled with great choices of healthy restaurants and giving clients the possibility to maintain a nutritious, beneficial and balanced way of life. Down below, I list my favorite healthy-eating places for delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.



Organic Cold Pressed Juicery

This is one of my personal favorites. It is the best if you are looking for a fresh and organic breakfast to start the day off right! My choice is always the açai bowl- it´s the best i’ve ever tried, but they also have a variety of seasonal cold pressed juices, wellness shots, smoothies and smoothie bowls (excellent for after a workout), and great take-away snaks. For example: overnight oats, protein bowls, celery and carrot sticks and a juice cleanse pack. (Location: Nueva Andalucia)


Celicioso is a restaurant located in one of the nicest areas of Marbella, called “Puente Romano”. Their menu has everything: breakfast, luch and
great desserts. The best part is… all their food is GLUTEN-FREE! They have sensational food for celiacs which people even without the diet enjoy it extremely. I go there often, specially for the amazing cupcakes they bake. Some of their menu offers: juices, salad bowls, toasts, hamburgers, pastas, pancakes…(Location: Puente Romano).

Hustle n’ Flow Eatery

This next one is perfect for whoever is hungry at lunch but still wants to choose a healthy option (they also do breakfast). Their food is definitely “delicious and visually appealing” as mentioned in their website, and they use the greatest ingredients and combinations for each plate. They have a number of choices for different people: customisable salad or wraps, different style of eggs on toast, sweet and salty waffles (1 is gluten-free), a keto special… some of their dishes also contain activated-charcoal as a main ingredient (the ice-cream is really delicious!)  (Location:San Pedro).

Fresh Food Cafe

Another great option for breakfast and luch. It has wholesome foods made with healthy ingredients and is located near a supermarket and
yoga-centre. You will always leave full and satisfied with it’s great fresh recipes. Some of the examples are: numerous salads, lunch bowls, quesadillas, wraps, burgers, sandwiches and bruch toasts. (My all-time favorites are the smashed avocado with poached eggs, pesto, bacon and tomato and the salmon bowl- amazing. Although all options are seriously delicious.  (Location:Nueva Andalucia)

Kohala Poke

Many of you may know the upcoming hawaiian food: Poke. It combines a base such as salads, rice, noodles, quinoa… then includes a protein of
choice like salmon, tuna, tofu… and is topped off by a selection of ingredients; fruit, salad, vegetables… or all of them! Kohala Poke is one of my favorite places when it comes to eating pokes. They have great ingredients to make customised and healthy poke bowls. They even have bambú (personal favorite) and wasabi crisps. In my opinion, poke bowls are a great, every-day choice you can have. You will never get bored as it can be extremely different depending on the choices you make. Moreover, the bowls have great sizes and prices can be very reasonable! (I always get; red rice, tuna marinated in tiger lime, 4 ingredients, usually; avocado, pineapple, bambú and cherry tomatoes, 2 toppings e.g. nuts and corriander and the terriyaki-mayo sauce) ( Location: Marbella centre)        


Manuka considers itself to be “flexiterian” and offers “clean, healthy and wholesome foods”. It uses no refined sugars, additives or chemicals and has a wide range of plates: vegeterian, plant-based, gluten-free, dairy-free or just healthy and organic. I am a usual customer and have tried most of their dishes. It combines healthy and tasty food. Some of it’s plates include: zuchini layered lasagna, superfood bowls, sweet potato burger, tuna tacos… My all-time favorite is the salmon bowl (it has one of the best vietnamese dressings ever). What I love the most is that they have a small glossary informing customers the benefits of thier specific products (e.g. açai, goji berries, bee pollen…) Manuka is simply a great option for nutritious and delicious food.
(Location: Paseo Maritimo; Marbella and La Cañada shopping centre).                                                                                              


Finally, sushi. Who does’nt love sushi? I definitely do! Sushi can end up being the best thing you’ve ever tried or just be a great disaster- There are many sushi restaurants in Marbella but by far, Sakura is the best one. It is located in Puerto Banus and is owned by a lovely, hardworking family. I know as a fact that all their sushi is freshly made and this is obvious in the flavour of the food. It is my families favorite japanese restaurant because of the quality of the food. All their dishes are spectacular but some of my recomendations are: the prawn tempura, gyozas (best I’ve ever tried), the osaka roll (kingprawn and cucumber wrapped in avocado) and the salmon tartar. Ultimately, all plates are delicious and flavoursome.
(Location: Puerto Banus)

By: Luna Salem (Aloha College, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, Spain)

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