Make your home look more expensive – 5 simple tips.

Now that we are all quarantined at home during this world-wide pandemic (COVID-19), we definitely can find time to give some love & attention to our homes.

Instead of looking at the situation with horror and chaos, we could try to see the bright side, see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to take care of all the things we’ve been neglecting or haven´t had time to do; like spend quality time with our families, take care of ourselves and take care of our homes too. Clean, tidy, paint and even prepare our house for future selling plans or just make it more;  charming, fresh, comfortable and glamourous for ourselves.

I have researched, explained and summarized the latest techniques in the industry that will bring style and luxury to your home.

Keep reading to discover the SECRETS behind  sensational interiors.

1. Set a colour scheme (essential for coordinated & tasteful rooms)

Colour-schemes build  character and uniqueness to rooms. Depending on the colour palette, you can choose and construct the appearance you want the room to highlight. Tip: If the room is small and dim-lighted, opt for light tones (e.g. white, grey, taupe). If the room is spacious, play with creativity and vibrant combinations.


White, beige, greys and browns (neutrals) are timeless and always bring a feel of elegance and tranquility to a room. More vivid colours such as salmons, champagne pink and blues bring airiness and makes rooms feel fresh, light and tasteful. Masculine tones (khaki greens, greys and navy blues) emphasises sophistication and innovation- these tones can be used both for males or females and are this season’s favorites! Lastly, to bring personality, dramatism and boldness to some interiors, be brave and use rich, memorable colours. Some great combinations are: violets, magenta and lighter baby blues to not darken a room too much. (NB. When trying to sell your house, these colours are not recommended- in such case go for plains; white/greys)

2. Vary lighting

One of the best kept secrets in the interior design industry is the importance of  lighting. Some higher-end modern houses use this  to accentuate opulence and luxury

There are 3 excellent ways to modernise the interior with lights:

  1. Behind shelves/ drawers in living rooms & under cabinets in kitchens; what this will do is create an optical illusion- by being set on borders, it creates dimension and symmetry which instantly makes a home look x1000 more expensive.
  2. Ceiling borders; instead of using one big ceiling light in the centre of the room, use various lights on the borders. This gives the impression that the  room is bigger by having a spacious ceiling and a highlighted rim.
  3. Learn to combine: there are different shades of lights to choose from (warm yellowish tones or whiter ones). If you know where to place each colour, you can use them to create different atmospheres around the house. For example, in living rooms, you may choose a warmer tone as you might prefer a cozier ambience yet in bathrooms, you could opt for a whiter lighting which will give you more clarity.

Only the upscale villas have really been taking advantage of lights but with this in mind, we all now know how to make our homes feel as luxurious as the dream houses seen in magazines.

3. Mirrors

Mirrors always make rooms feel bigger, so why not take advantage of this? You can use big wall mirrors, a pair of small twin mirrors, even a mosaic of mirrors- they can work like fabulous pieces of art. The secret is that mirrors add dimension and light by its reflecting function and can be perfect accessories to any room, so start using them to your benefit.

4. Pay attention to detail

Detail is key! Details are what give a home its charm and what can transform a room from mediocre to a delicate and exquisite interior. By detail, what I specifically mean is the pieces of furniture/ornaments that subtly complete the room, adding personality, texture and personal touches, nevertheless, they aren’t the main focus of the room- they all need to work together to actually have an impact. Tips to consider:


  1. Select specific centre-pieces; this is very important. We all have more than we need but it is essential to only keep out what will enhance the room!
  2. Make sure there aren’t many objects that could be overpowering;  we all love colour, but we don’t want a rainbow theme so… use colour (bright, deep, dramatic) but when you have a flamboyant item, try and maintain others as neutral as possible. This could be vases, magazines or even artworks- some should be colourful yet others more mellow.
  3. Decorate but be practical; decorating  your home to reach a state of luxury is excellent; it can actually help declutter your mind however, you can’t just organise your home to make it look impeccable, you need PRACTICALITY! (E.g. Don’t suddenly opt for a minimalistic approach if you won’t be able to maintain it).

5. Polish floors

This may be the most underestimated tip but it sure makes all the difference. Floors, like it or not, are always there and unless they are fully covered by a carpet, they have a huge impact on the room. To make them a real WOW factor in the house, polishing them is the absolute best thing to do. Marble floors look spectacular when polished and so do wooden floors- they bring a fresh and clean ambience to the whole interior and can even make the room feel bigger by reflecting the natural light of the day. 

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Article and Design by Luna Salem (Aloha College, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella, South of Spain)

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