Luxury Housing in Marbella has a million dollar impact on Spains Economic Activity.

Beyond the profitability it offers investors, the residential park on the Costa del Sol is contagious to the economy and local tourism. As much in the luxury housing in Marbella as in other neighboring localities. The fact that the highend real estate market is the economic engine in Spain is a reality. Not only because of its capacity to attract millionaire investments, but also because of the business activity and the creation of employment that it generates.

This phenomenon is detected especially in the most dynamic residential parks. Markets such as that of the Costa del Sol in Malaga, which has been the subject of a study by the Association of Entrepreneurs for High Quality Housing.

Known as DOM3, this association brings together nearly thirty businessmen linked to building and architecture on the coast of Malaga. Whose projects are developed in the residential market of Marbella, Estepona and Benahavís.

This zone is a magnificent indicator to verify the good health of the real estate investment of high standing. And its great connoisseurs of luxury housing in Marbella and its neighboring towns.

“An opportunity to discover the good progress of the most exclusive residential market”, says Luis Gualtieri. “In the middle of a process of revaluation of properties and an upturn in rents”.

Guaranteed profitability! Something that the new franchised office of the real estate agency Oi Realtor will make available to all its clients.

350 million euros of economic impact
Luxury housing in Marbella and its area of influence has moved just over 350 million euros in the last twelve months. This data, released by the business association DOM3, shows the momentum that the high standing exerts on the economy and employment.

“Faced with the scarcity of traditional industries, luxury residential tourism is a great source of wealth for the Costa del Sol,” says Laura Pou (president of DMO3). “Whoever comes to the Costa del Sol ends up repeating and many end up living here.

In sectoral terms, “the construction and rehabilitation of high-end housing creates a lot of employment and helps the sustainability of the area,” Pou adds. “Both for the preservation of the equilibrium of the area, and for the care of the environment and the landscape.

Generally speaking, Luxury housing in Marbella and its surroundings generates 4,000 direct jobs and another 12,000 indirect jobs. A job that is not always seasonal. Since more than 800 stable jobs are generated.

Luxury housing in Marbella and its surroundings DOM3, which awards an international architecture prize every two years, has been able to verify the quality and exclusivity of the new residential projects on the Costa del Sol.

Architectural studios from all over the world come to the Malaga coast. Attracted not only by the beauty of the surroundings, but also by the high demand.

Marbella and its area of influence enjoy an excellent quality of life. Especially appreciated by tourists of high purchasing power.

That is why the sector is getting involved in responding to a residential demand that does not cease. According to data from DOM3, interest in the purchase of high-end properties is 10% higher than in 2007. Before the crisis.

A demand that grows at the same time as the requirements of a very select client. Llarge portfolios of properties, from apartments with views valued at 1.5 million euros to luxury villas over 2 millions- many celebrities live permanently all year round in Marbella, others choose marbella as their prefered holiday destination

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