Home automation in your home

With the home automation in your home you can control from the most daily actions, from raising and lowering blinds, regulate the temperature of our house, to open and close doors and windows. We are surrounded more and more by domotic elements, but many people do not know what it is based on and what are the advantages of using domotic technology.

What is home automation technology?

Home automation is a technology that fits our home, making our life much simpler. It consists of a series of sensors, systems and special programs to make our lives easier. The applications of home automation technology in the home are very varied.

In the current equipment the domotics is synchronized with our mobile phones, being able to interact between the different options. In other words, we do not manipulate the device manually, nor do we even use the classic remote control to be using home automation technology. Everything is done through an easy to download mobile application, where you can program all the functions of the home.

What are the advantages of home automation?

Security: The systems and sensors are capable of detecting movements and any presence in the home, even alerts us to the mobile phone, regardless of where we are.

Automation: It can also automate certain processes, such as opening and closing windows and blinds.

Control of the conditions of the home: We can control some data such as temperature, thermostat, detect a fire, leaks, as well as a whole series of related data.

Control of lights on and off: The home automation equipment can be programmed a schedule in which the lights are turned off or on.

How can we proceed with the installation of this type of technology?

We must hire a professional installer. You can not miss a Wi-Fi connection with enough power to reach the whole house.

In addition to a Wi-Fi signal with enough power to take care of all the missions you entrust, you will need a domotic switchboard. “It is the unit that centralizes the technology for the operation of the domotic system, that is to say, ‘the brain of the system'”. From the switchboard you will control all the domotic systems that you are installing, and at present they are even able to recognize automatically the devices that are added.

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